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IGOTBOOM – Selfie and Video Contests

Thank you and welcome to IGOTBOOM Selfie and Video Contests.  IGOTBOOM is proud to provide our users with an innovative, extremely user friendly, digital selfie and video contest platform. 


Boom Definition:


BOOM: A person, place, or thing that has an “it” or “wow” factor.




IGOTBOOM is a digital selfie and video contest platform designed for people to showcase their best selfie and video by participating in our themed contest with a chance to win prizes.


IGOTBOOM’s Mission:


IGOTBOOM’s mission is to provide individuals with an innovative digital contest platform that allows one to feel appreciated, noticeably respected, and discovered if unknown.


Here Is What IGOTBOOM Is Looking For:


IGOTBOOM welcomes any and every Individual from all walks of life to submit their best selfies or videos to our digital competitions and challenges. View our upcoming contests to see the next contest! Good luck!


IGOTBOOM Website:  




IGOTBOOM Hashtags:




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  • "About IGOTBOOM" provides you with the

  •  "Submit” allows contestants to upload/submit selfies and videos to contests of their selection

  • "Contests" allows one to lookup the previous, present, upcoming contest and contest contestants

  • "Sponsor & Advertise With US" allows one to sponsor a contest


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