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First and foremost, I would like to thank my loved ones for all the affection and support you have and will continue to provide me with. Thank you Aly Perez, Joni Murano, and Sarah all for your amazing design talents. Very special thank you to Delisa Payne, CEO of NerdzWorld, LLC for your forward moving vision, amazing platform design and incredibly user friendly functionality for all our users. The IGOTBOOM vision does not come to fruition without you. Thank you you all for helping create this awesome platform for people to develop their "boom."

When it comes to those of you who seek assistance from IGOTBOOM, thank you very much for supporting IGOTBOOM. We at IGOTBOOM appreciate "Boom Nation!" Most importantly, I would like to thank the Creator for giving me the opportunity to use my talent, life experience and college education to provide a platform that can change people’s lives in a positive manner.


Words of Encouragement:


“Do not just reach for the a few stars but the whole universe. Once you get there, leave a booming impression!”

Thank You!

With Joy and Happiness, 

Christopher Johnson


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